App Privacy Policy

The MerlinVet-Cel Android/iOS app is exclusive to MerlinVet-Cel members and access is subject to the same restrictions as the members side of the MerlinVet-Cel website. No personal information from the device that the app is installed on is uploaded or stored on any servers. Any data sent/received (app login details, conference centre posts, price database content etc) is transferred securely over an SSL/https connection. We require the following permissions to enable certain functionality in the app:

Calendar Permission
This is used to allow users to add MerlinVet-Cel events to the calendar on their device.

Contacts Permission
This is used to allow users to add useful contacts from the MerlinVet-Cel directory to their device.

Location Permission
This is used to allow users to view a map of MerlinVet-Cel members and get directions.

Storage Permission
This is used to store data such as the price database offline to allow you to continue to use the app in no-service/rural areas.

Network Permission
This is used to detect when you are online/offline in order to receive app content updates.

Vibration Permission
This is used to alert you when a certain action has been completed on the device.

What do our clients say about us?

"We may have started in a relatively small way back in the mid-eighties but with much hard work, great staff and a little help from our Vetcel friends we have grown our practice to the 6 Vet, two centre, business that it is today."

Juliet Nicolson BVM&S MRCVS
Westside Vets, Shetland

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